Marcus Dairy Franklin, MA


Future now looking brighter for local farms

The Sullivan County legislature approved a grant to support a business plan to allow for the opening of a local creamery. This comes as a great relief to the affected farms and farmers as prior to this Marcus Dairy had advised that they would no longer be buying their milk after the fall. 


The proposed creamery will go by the name "Ma and Pa Creamery." It will feature higher end dairy products, such as organic and grass fed milk servicing this niche market.   


The highly collaborative effort between multiple farms shows that there can be a good outcome in the dairy industry, when people are willing to come together in  to  help keep the cows

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Marcus Dairy Franklin, MA


Marcus Dairy Cuts Farms Loose

Marcus Dairy in Massachusetts has notified its farms it will no longer buy their milk, according to reports in Connecticut and New York newspapers. The farms originally had until June 30 to find another buyer but then continued under an extension to the end of July. What August will bring for these farms is unknown


More than 50 farms are involved in the scramble for a new buyer. Explanations for the closing of Marcus Dairy in reports point to the price of milk in China determining New England milk prices along with a decreasing demand for milk. Marcus Dairy continued to operate under the name but was purchased by Dean Foods in 2005 and operations moved to Franklin, MA.


Now, thirteen years later, however, the second largest milk processor in the country, behind only Nestle, announced plans to close 7 plants nationwide including the MA facility.

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