Wallace Farm Waterbury, VT


Fast Moving Easter Fire Incinerates all at Vermont Farm

Instead of celebrating a resurrection on Easter Sunday this year, Rosina Wallace and her brother Kay watched their beloved Vermont farm go up in flames and take with it the lives of all their cows.

Lost in the fast moving, devastating fire were 23 animals, the barn and outbuildings and both Rosina and Kay’s houses. Her dog was rescued from the burning house by the firefighters


The farm had been in the Wallace family for more than 150 years. Reports of the fire held little clue as to the cause. One report pointed to some equipment in the milking parlor but nothing specific.

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Rosina, a former teacher, was not just a dairy farmer. She was a dairy educator who held a children’s camp every summer for youngsters, getting them up close to the animals. She carried on in her father’s footsteps because of her deep love for the land and all the creatures who inhabited it along with her. 

In an interview she gave in 2008 she expertly described her relationship with the farm and the rewards she gained, none of them monetary.

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