About the Author

Lucille Benoit


This is a book that has been a lifetime in the writing. Few have had the milk stool in the barn that I’ve been privileged to have for more than 30 years.  I have known good cows, bad ones, clean ones and messy ones, the ones who are the best and brightest and the ones who have died from incurable diseases.

For a good portion of the time, I also worked as a journalist so I took along my notebook. The stories I wrote for local newspapers about dairies and farms in three New England states where I milked cows form the basis of this fictionalized story of people, places and bovines. 

This book also is a warning about the dire consequences of not insuring our food supply stays local, plentiful and safe, a message about the need to continue the American heritage of abundant farms and food. 

Primarily, however, this book is a love story to cows. The hope is that it initiates a discussion of how we have treated them and the farmers who care for them. 

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